What Ads Sell

I thought this advertisement was a good representation of the way identities and desired qualities are attributed to certain products as a way of selling to consumers.  This ad for example, uses the desire for women to escape their subjugation from men. It suggests that women wearing this shoe have power and authority over men.


2 thoughts on “What Ads Sell

  1. Shayna Desir says:

    This does give the impression that a woman in heels is a powerful woman. It also gives the impression that this may be from a business standpoint, considering the man in the advertisment business attire. Perhaps, the business woman is a strong woman, who dominates in the business world, which is so often assumed to be dominated by men….just an idea. I do this this advertisement is very interesting. I wonder what shoe designer this is, because it would be interesting to see if this ad was used to sell a particular shoe company.

  2. Shayna Desir says:

    NVM just read… Killer Heels by NMA

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