Men, Masculinity and Fashion

This article on fashion and consumption explores and researches the correlation between men and fashion, specifically how men deal with their masculinity through fashion clothing, and contrastingly, how do men deal with fashion clothing through masculinity. The articles outlines 3 types of male consumers in regards to fashion: 1) Anti-Fashion male: these men have a low involvement with clothing consumption. 2) The Singular Male: these men demonstrate low involvement in clothing but also demonstrate some high involvement in the consumption of clothing as well, such as knowing exactly what they want (for example a white t-shirt), and spending time trying to find it. These subjects usually have an article in mind and find it without deviating from what they initially wanted. And lastly, 3) The Grooming Male. These subjects show a high involvement with clothing and with overall appearance in general. They spend a long time window-shopping.


One thought on “Men, Masculinity and Fashion

  1. Sean Kelly says:

    As a male, I definitely fall under the “Singular Male” category. When I go to a mall I already know the brands that I like and the things that I need. I am usually looking for one type of clothing, weather it be shoes, sandals, shirts, or jeans. I don’t think I would fall under the “Grooming Male” category because I don’t window shop and I’m not overly concerned with my overall appearance but at the same time concerned enough to not fall under the “Anti-Fashion” male.

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