California has always been glorified whether it’s through television, movies or magazines, it has always been portrayed as a place of wonder and beauty. Many rich Americans live in California for its luxurious mansions, fast cars and mega parties. The commercial it self shows celebrities amongst other good looking, well dressed, upper class people simply having fun and enjoying their time in California. It shows them partaking in stereotypical activities in California, whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, wine tasting etc. It paints a very positive picture for California, making it seem like the best place to live in the United States. It shows an upper class lifestyle is ideal, it also shows that you have to be very wealthy to live in this state, or even to visit and enjoy your time to the fullest.

This commercial like most promotes a false consciousness. It’s stating that in order to experience a higher lifestyle one must come to California. For most people there is no dire need to live in or travel to California, it is merely a luxury. There are obvious circumstances where one would need to live or travel in California, whether it be family or business but besides those two and perhaps some others, there is no real need. It also promotes this fantasy lifestyle which is not true for many people living in California. In fact this commercial is Ironic, because Los Angeles, the biggest city in California is perhaps the most crime ridden in the United States. California was one of the most dangerous cities to live in during the 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s as gang violence was at its highest, even resulting in city wide riots. I think the people behind this commercial, which is the state of California should focus on their own citizens first before trying to bring in new ones.

-Pete Taylor


One thought on “California

  1. shaina ellis says:

    California is a place that is very fantasized. The commercial creates false consciousness. I thought it was interesting and surprising to know that California has a high crime rate. I sthat factual or a generalization?

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